Blood Wings

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Tribal Region/Terrain: Northwestern Jechran
Tribal Center of Power: Cloudforest, Jechran (Northwestern region)
Tribal Deity/Deities: Dre'Ana and respect to Yeraiah
Tribal Population/Size: Between 1500 and 2000 at its height
Tribal Weapons/Armor: Well Armed
Tribal Alignment: Neutral Good but leaning chaotic

Tribal Organization:

Emanaia and Salbellis would lead the Blood Wings and had planned for their daughters to led them if they were worthy. After a few generations, the Blood Wings became solely led by the Dove family (female descendants of Emanaia) and would also end with a Dove leading them. There were Secondary leaders of scouts, archers, mounted archers, and the front line. When they shifted from warband to a tribe, they had priestesses who represented Dre'Ana and Yeraiah. Was rumored most of the scouts and their leader were Pelarites.

Tribal Relations:

As the Bright Eagles warband. They always stood ready to aid the allies of the Bright Eagles and defend the borderlands. When they became a tribe they continued such but with tribute paid in the form of food stocks for the winter and help to maintain their farms and orchards from their allies.

Tribal History:

Once the Blood Wings were the warband of the Bright Eagle tribe of the region. With the failure of their leader to produce a female heir the tribe fell apart and the militant Blood Wings sought and took over of a portion of the lands once known to be Bright Eagle with the blessings of the Mortal Voice in Myleah they were given Cloudforest and the surrounding lands.

Blood Wings had existed before its refounding by Emanaia and Salbellis but never in the form it would take. They wouldn't just make a temporary warband but a permanent one. The Blood Wings wouldn't just be guards on the borderlands and chase raiders when the season called for it. They take the fight to those that would violate Bright Eagle lands and Jechran itself. Their first battle was no more than seven teenage warrioresses and in a surprise move engaged a gnomish raiding group that trespassed into a Bright Eagle orchard. It is said it was over before it started. As arrows flew from all directions cutting down the raiders. From that moment and over the next seven generations the Blood Wings maintained their grip and repelled raiders from Tyedu and Galdos; at times aided other tribes that called upon them to strike back against those that raided them. Sometimes even going into Tyedu itself to send the message and remind them to stay on their lands.

In the seventh generation of the Blood Wings, the Blue Foxes and their allies The Circle launched a series of attacks and at Thick Trees on the border of Jechran raided the rear encampment. In a series of counter-attacks by the Blood Wings against the great combined forces were successful in the beginning. At Frozen Creek, along the extreme northern border, the Blood Wings were wiped out. What few that did survive sought out other tribes to join.

Known Traditions & Rituals:

Rites of Warrior: Young women depart alone or in pairs to with little to nothing but their wits and training and must hunt the lions or Jechera and return with their pelt or hide. Upon doing so, they are accepted into the tribe.