Bravely Bold the five

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By Aneirin Menelaos
played to the tune of the Ballad of Sir Robin

Bravely Bold the five, Strode forth from Zvidureth
They were not afraid to die, Well all but one----->
They were not-at-all afraid of Hel'Byssia's penninsula---->
Brave, Brave, Brave...Brave the Five... {strum}

For they had in-the-fore, the Dragons Thel and Firehar---->t
With their breath so vile, Straight from a Balor's Bot-tum------->
Jacksen with his pole-axe , Sammy ranging far-and-wide
Brave, Brave, Brave...Brave the Five... {strum}

The Dragons Thel and Firehart, couldnt help but attract-the-foes
Their scimitar-claws and powerful-breath, laying them all-so-low
Giant tails scattered foe, like so many stuffed dolls
Brave, Brave, Brave the dragon wall {strum}

Jacksen stood toe to toe, poleaxe swinging in deadly ar--->cs
His incantations chilling all, applying his deadly art
He filled the gaps of unlife rage as fast you can turn-a-page
Brave, Brave, Brave the warrior-mage {strum}

Sammy sped all about, arcane words filled-the-air
Power flew from from his fingertips, its bite not-for-nothing
His presence there - ensured the foes - felt Andrinors Vortex
Brave, Brave, Brave the Red Magus {strum}

Cow-er-ing in the rear, was I your chronicler----->
A tremulous song on-my-lips, cleaning up the mess
Most of the while a discreet space, was kept between-me-and-them
sort of Brave, Mostly brave...was I----> {strum}

The Wyverns fell
and the Shaahesk were met
The fallen slain
A star fell-to-earth
Canyons cleared
archers knocked off
And we polished off....Tarnish....

*short bridge*

Then we five turned away---->
Wisely turned away away
When the tower, they did reach
they decided the cit-y, not-to-breach
Brave the five turned about
All their foes given rout
Brave the five turned away.....
......Alive to fight another day

Bravest of the Bra--->ve...The five....