Bugbears at Nethrope

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By Willem Lightheart

While walking to Nethrope Keep one day
Carrying my lute for a song to play
Minding my business and humming a song
Not expecting any danger to come along
My peaceful tune was suddenly shattered
When I walked through the gate and suddenly got battered

Bugbears attacked the innocent there
Coming up from hiding in their lair
I quickly cast an invisibility spell
So I would survive and have this tale to tell
I put on my armor as quiet as could be
And sang me a song to strengthen me

Once the beasts lay dead all on the ground
I stopped for a moment and slowly looked around
Miriel greeted me with some most welcomed healing
And we ran to find Ere'n'dhl for I had a bad feeling
Bandits attacked and had knocked him down
As he was seeking help on his way back to town

The bandits were stopped by our sword and bow
Them buggers are tough they are don’t you know
Searching for help is how our time was spent
Finding none to aid, back to the keep we went
There we joined some others fighting the fight
Who had felled them bugbears by their great might

Master FeatherFingers stood wielding his blades in the air
Archmage Goodmane and Kente also fought them there
As Zacharia left to get more troops to guard the keep
The rest of us went in the mines so dark and so deep
Searching for the source of their secret path
And hopefully laying them down by our wrath

Elrendar of the Green Order joined us down in the mine
As we search the areas everything seemed to be fine
Then I took a wrong turn I am sad to say it is true
Even a bard can get lost when the area to him is new
Well I finally found my way out of there
And here I am with a new song to share