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Creature Name: Bulette

Observations by: Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Beast ((481))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The bulette is an enormous beast of unknown origin. Of other known creatures, it is perhaps most similar to the giant turtle, although it appears to shun water in favor of areas of loose earth beneath hills and plains. Like the turtle, the bulette walks on four legs, has a tail, a powerful beak, and has protective plates on its back. Unlike the turtle and its shell, the bulette cannot pull its entire body beneath the protective plates. Instead, the plates appear to be a part of its body, or perhaps attached to its skin. The bulette could perhaps be some sort of magical crossbreed of a giant turtle and giant rodent. As noted, the bulette is enormous in stature, quite a bit larger than a dire bear, and with the brute strength to match. Although it appears unable to stand on its hindquarters, the bulette can make extremely powerful attacks by rushing its opponents. In addition, the bulette often uses its strong beak to snap at prey.

Feeding Habits

The bulette is carnivorous, and is entirely willing to eat humans, shaahesk, beetles, spiders, or other creatures. Kassaerth is uncertain if the bulette eats plants.

Disposition and Social Habits

Kassaerth has encountered few of these creatures, but the ones Kassaerth has seen appeared to be mated pairs. The bulette is aggressive when hungry or if its territory is threatened.


Bulettes typically live underground, burrowing beneath the earth, much like badgers or other rodents.


Most compatible: Dire Badger

  • Although closer in size to a bear, the bulette is more similar to the badger in many ways. Like the badger and unlike the bear, the bulette burrows and lives beneath the earth. Like the badger and unlike the bear, the bulette has a long tail. Like the badger and unlike the bear, the bulette's legs are quite short, such that its body virtually skims the ground as it moves.

Other notes

Svipdagr is also studying the Bulette.

(added in CTS v1.1.0.1)