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Creature Name: Calf

Observations by: Deider of Pelar

Creature Type: Animal ((1005))

Creature Subtype: Bovine

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Calves are young or infant cattle. While they are usually raised to adulthood, calves are sometimes slaughtered for their meat, which is called veal. Their hides are sometimes used to make calfskin leather. Since dairy cows need to give birth to produce milk, the male calves of dairy cattle are often slaughtered for veal.

Feeding Habits

See the general entry on cows.

Disposition and Social Habits

See the general entry on cows.


See the general entry on cows.


Most compatible: Dire Boar

  • Like dire boars, calves are hooved animals and are strong for their size.

Other notes

Lord Dunster is known to enjoy veal. In addition to keeping some calves on his property he often buys quality veal from the villagers of Bachwood.