Cave Stirge

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Creature Name: Cave Stirge

Observations by: Seeker

Creature Type: Animal ((1050))

Creature Subtype: Bird

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


I have encountered many of these beasts in caves around the boles of Le'Or. They swarm and flock in large numbers. The blood draining bite of the stirge can sap the strength of even the most unpleasant smelling ogre, leaving him barely able to stand or defend.

Feeding Habits

The stirge seems to feed exclusively on blood. From observation, the more violently blood can be obtained, the greater the feeding frenzy. Wear thick enough armour should you wish to remain hale!

Disposition and Social Habits

Stirges appear to be social birds - with enough time, the trainer may be accepted as "one of the flock." It would be interesting to see what such a creature could be trainied to do.


Caves. That's why we call them Cave Stirges.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • The Cave stirge resembles a night hawk with the noticeable difference of the elongated blood-spout.

Other notes

There are other varieties of the stirge - both dire and vanilla; I will keep my eyes peeled for such beasts on my travels.