Dark Sewer Do Beware

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By Willem Lightheart

To gather and do a little exploration
Hopefully to teach those of this great nation
A trip to the dark and damp sewer was made
To prepare a lecture or a song to be played
And after the things that our group did see
I’ll tell you the tale if you will listen to me

Everything started out to be just fine
Except we got lost walking in a line
Seems our fine leader had made a wrong turn
But this was only the beginning as we would soon learn
Once we got back on track for our mission
We were ready to fight our foes to submission

So down another level of sewers we did go
Ready for a battle of sorts don’t you know
It seemed kind of quiet down there
So we hurried along without a care
Coming to some stairs continuing down
Deeper we went under the town

All of a sudden as we walked along
We spotted elementals so I sang a song
But there were more than the usual kind
They even attacked us there from behind
Then acid traps were sprung up in the air
And acid fell down and singed my long hair

Deeper down the party went
As flames it seemed were heaven sent
Also a painful and hard lesson was learned
Drinking potions causes your friends to be burned
As bolts of light fall down from the sky
Hitting someone and making them almost die

Now the fire elementals came at us in waves
So we decided to leave instead of go to our graves
Then out we ran as fast as we could dart
For out of the depths we wished to depart
So out of the sewers our party safely emerged
And headed to bathe and have the grim on us purged