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- Camping: The act of spending an inordinate amount of time in a certain location for your own personal benefit. An example might be spending several hours each day in the exact same dungeon, killing monsters repeatedly for experience. While there are no specific rules to prevent this, the Team does frown upon this style of play, and you are likely to be ignored by DMs should you repeatedly camp certain spawns/dungeons.

- Cheesing: The term ‘cheesing’ encompasses pretending to possess an ability, race, skill, power, feat, etc that is NOT represented on your character sheet. If your character doesn’t have wings, you cannot roleplay that you have the ability to fly. Similarly, if your character model is a model of a halfling, not a giant, you can’t tell people ingame that you’re a giant. (barring the fact that you’re playing one delusional halfling) An example of cheesing we commonly see is someone creating a halfling character and claiming to be a human child. Unless your sheet says “Human‿ as your race, and you have a child model, you’re NOT a human child. You can play a halfling that is pretending to be a child, but IC, you will never actually be a human child.

- Duping: Duping refers to the illegal duplication of items ingame. The specific mechanics of this are irrelevant, as the Avlis Team works continually to remove the possibility of doing this. However, should you discover your items have been accidentally duplicated somehow, or you’ve found an exploit (see ‘Exploit’ below) that allows you to dupe, you are REQUIRED to place all the duped items in a trashcan or ask a DM to remove them, and report the situation as a bug. Capitalizing on this sort of situation is a bannable offense.

- Exploiting: Exploiting encompasses all ingame actions that essentially exploit flaws in either Avlis’ design, code, scripts, or one of Bioware’s own engine bugs. An example might be a certain spell combination that you’ve found invariably crashes the server and thus let’s you camp a certain ISD. (See above) Other possibilities are methods of making gold illegally via an engine bug, or somehow duping your items. Exploiting of ANY form is a BANNABLE offense on Avlis, as well as all other CoPaP worlds. The Avlis Team reserves the right to define an action as exploiting on a case by case basis.

- Muling: Muling is the process of using alternate characters to store your gear. Basically the character is reduced to the state of a pack mule, hence muling/mule. Muling is a bannable offense on Avlis and CoPaP worlds.

- Powergaming: Simply put, levelling up far too quickly. On Avlis, the general rule of thumb is that if you think you’re levelling up too fast, you probably are. While ingame, we’d like you all to enjoy the experience of the journey, rather than the culmination of it. There’s no official rule preventing powergaming, however it could garner you negative DM attention. A good rule of thumb is that your character shouldn’t level up more than once in a week after level 3, and shouldn’t hit level 20 in less than 6 months. The average exp gain for the majority of players doesn’t exceed 1000 xp/real life day. Some people level faster, some slower, that’s just a good guideline to keep in mind.