Empty Pockets

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By Willem Lightheart

I have noticed an interesting thing
Whenever I play and sing
People always clap their hands
As I perform all across the lands
But then when my songs are all done
Most people say that they have to run

A rich man I may never be
Some things are more important to me
Like to see a bright smiling face
As I entertain you in this place
But I do have one thing to say
Gold would be nice after I play

Please, don’t get me wrong
I will continue to sing my song
But if you like my little show
A tip will be nice don’t you know
I do have a use for some gold
My equipment it seems is getting old

Whether a lute or a bright shinny sword
If it is something that I can afford
The gold won’t be with me for long
Or maybe I could pay with a song
One thing is sure to be true
Rich or poor I will still entertain you