End of the line

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By Aneirin Menelaos

*The guitar begins a slow tune fingerpicked, a dark sounding tune in a minor key*

*slowly in a deep voice*

There is nothing but dust at the foot of the well
once full of old tales now a dried up old shell
it feels like to me its the end of the world
it feels like the end of the line.

Words come to me like I'm filling a shroud
I worry at times I come across as too proud
When the words are gone there'll be nothing to do
and it feels like the end of the line

Oh the love of one woman is worth two in the bed
though I often wonder if there's more to be said
Wisdom is definitely not something you find
Especially at the end of the line

Money is free, love costs more it is said
Neither is useful if you lie there dead
Better a raven in the pan than a goose in the sky
Here at the end of the line

There's parts of Negaria that seem a foreign land
We admire ourselves when we don't take a stand
We preen to our gods yet we've sold our own soul
We cant see its the end of the line

My friends. I believe we are at the wrong fight
I cannot say why, it seems just out of sight
We've all seen this play and we know how it ends
Really, its just about time

There is a stranger who has taken my name
I cant shake the feeling we are both just the same
When his playing seems so much better than mine
It feels like the end of the line

Oh wisdom is lost on fools every day
you cant change it no matter what you say
its forbidden to those who think they are right
Because its the end of the line

He who is born pointed cannot die square
You may not like it, life's not supposed to be fair
Sometimes the bread arrives after your teeth are gone
Here at the end of the line