Expressing Yourself

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By Jenny Thristlethrush (Aloro)

Expressing Yourself

To impress by expressing yourself can be tough
Using ballads and poems is certainly rough.
There are those for whom prose can do wonderful things,
While a courtly love sonnet can be fit for kings.

Simple rhymes can at times be quite lovely, it's true,
While I've found that a round cheers me up when I'm blue.
How I long for a song that relates a good tale,
And an epic can be of magnificent scale,

While a pretty sea ditty or nautical chant
Can be great fun at parties, I surely will grant.
If you test for the best, though, I simply must say
Clearly nothing compares with a really good lay.

- Jenny

p.s. It's a kind a' epic poem, dammit! Read a book!