Feral Ferrell Cat

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Creature Name: Feral Ferrell Cat

Observations by: Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Animal

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


Do not be fooled by the smaller size of this cat. Despite its size, it is as dangerous as, and more ferocious than, a panther or leopard. The feral cat of Ferrell is extremely aggressive and blindingly quick. Between this cat's small size and pack mentality, the speed with which it attacks, and its ability to find the weak spots of its prey, the feral cat can almost be described as a piranha on land.

Feeding Habits

Like most felines, this cat eats meat of any type.

Disposition and Social Habits

As noted earlier, these cats are typically quite aggressive, although it is sometimes possible for an experienced woodsman to approach without raising their ire. The feral cats often travel in packs of two or more, perhaps as mated pair or as a small pride.


Kassaerth has only spotted the Feral Ferrell Cat in the canyons beyond the Heartland and Roseberry Woods. This is likely because the tall, natural grass in the area provides ample cover for the cat to move without being spotted, either by larger predators or its own prey.


Most compatible: Panther

  • A member of the feline family, the Feral Ferrell Cat is certainly similar to the panther physically. While its hunting style differs somewhat from the deliberate, measured pace of the panther, it remains a cat just the same.

Other notes

None listed.