Fly to me

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By Aneirin Menelaos

When the night has you feeling all-ll alone
And the weight you carry feels like a stone
Doncha feel like sighin'
Doncha feel like flyin'
Well, here I am, my darling
c'mon darling
Fly to me

When the poison ran through your veins
And all-ll I fel-lt was a burning pain
you know I felt like crying....
Did you feel li-ike sighing....
Did you feel like flying.......
Here I am, my darling....
c'mon darling
Fly to me

There is little sadder than wine alone
But you don't ever
you don't ever have to walk alone
You see, Come and take my hand,
and darling, my darling
won't you fly with me?
Oh ple-e-e-ease. Fly with me

When you're waiting for a voice to come
And In the night there is no one
Here my song's voice flying
Fly to me
Dont you feel like flying
Fly to me
Fly to me
Oh Darling...Oh Darling
Fly to me