Forest Green

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By Aneirin Menelaos

begins playing a melodious tune, a mixture of strumming and fingerpicked notes

Out of the sweetness of the spring,
The branches leaf, the small birds sing,
Each one chanting in its own speech,
Forming the verse of its new song,
Then is it good a man should reach
For that for which he most does long.

Since we see, fresh flowers blowing
Field and meadow greenly glowing,
Stream and fountain crystal flowing
Fair wind and breeze, each man bestowing
See such joy as he please.
As he walks betwixt the trees

Bes B'Le'tana krayfasu T'nanshi
Yayn'lenu Goodel 'Le'Yeritath Yerak

For in the forest down by the stream,
Where at the edge the grass is green,
There in the shade of an oak tree,
Is where I heard springs melody,
Resting I, alone without company,
Felt the wood, alive and keen,

From finest sweetest place I spy
A hawk bends wing to a pale blue sky
While on the grass a Mircat doth lie
My heart daren’t laugh.....nor rest....nor sigh
Lest evergrowing beauty escape my eye
from the forest, green...enchanting....alive

Bes B'Le'tana krayfasu T'nanshi
Yayn'lenu Goodel 'Le'Yeritath Yerak

I know when I retire at night
and I respire in dreamfilled flight
Over forest wide and gently alight
Oh Levena's rays.... a glorious sight
Upon a cloud should I alight

Yet in the land Called T'nanshi
We have love of the forest green
Bes B'Le'tana krayfasu T'nanshi
Yayn'lenu Goodel 'Le'Yeritath Yerak