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Some people who play Avlis for many months start to realize that this gameworld is the product not only of the excellent players who populate it with interesting characters but also the product of a dedicated team who volunteer their time, expertise and creative energy. Those people become so invested in the Avlis community that they themselves start to wonder what they can do to make Avlis better. There are four simple ways one can give back to Avlis:

There is no monthly fee for players to play on Avlis. But it does cost money for Avlis to operate – machine costs, internet access, electricity, etc. If you have a Paypal account, you can donate money directly to Avlis.

Spread the Word

Avlis is constantly expanding. As of this writing there are nine servers, all in various stages of development. The Avlis environment is life-like in that it is subject to change - at any time more content may be in process of being added to the servers, whereas existing content may undergo further development. As of this writing there are approximately a few hundred active players, but Avlis has room for many more. If you know someone who you think might be interested in playing Avlis, tell them about it.

Enhance the Avlis Marketing Strategy

To join the Avlis Marketing Think Tank, contact the Admin Staff group on the Avlis forum.

Guarantee for Quality Assurance

Avlis maintains a Quality Assurance (QA) group, for the purpose of keeping Avlis up to expectations. While all players can use the Bug Tracker to signal for problems with existing In Game content, those of you who wish to prevent glitches before a project is implemented In Game are welcome to apply to the Quality Assurance group. (Send a private message to the Admin Staff group on the Avlis forum).

Join the Creation Control Centre

Are you an excellent programmer? Do you know how to write scripts for NWN? Are you proficient with the NWN toolset? Can you build interesting and engaging areas in the toolset? If so, then you may want to apply to for the Avlis Creation Control Centre (CCC) division, as an Avlis area builder, system or quest designer. (Send a private message to the Admin Staff group on the Avlis forum).

Become an Event DM or Assist DM

Do you like playing a variety of roles? Is one character just not enough for you? Or do you like creating adventures and quests and having players play them out? Do you have experience as a PnP DM? Then you may have what it takes to become an Avlis DM. If you are interested in devoting a large portion of your time to Avlis is this way, then contact the team for an application (send a private message to the Event DM group on the Avlis forum).

We also have an Assist DM group which takes care of day to day tasks such as party preparations, player housing errands, book submissions and more. If this is more your style, send a message to the Assist DM group on the Avlis forum.