Gray Render

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Creature Name: Gray Render

Observations by: Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Magical Beast ((205))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


A gray render is an enormous, physically imposing beast. Well built for hand to hand combat, it has a thick hide, bony plates protecting its head, several insect-like eyes, multiple rows of teeth, and heavily muscled shoulders and limbs. They typically walk upright, although they occasionally use their long arms to propel themselves in a type of jumping gallop. Kassaerth is uncertain what creatures are related to the gray render, or if gray renders are a natural creation at all.

Feeding Habits

Gray renders are carnivores, eating the meat of creatures it kills.

Disposition and Social Habits

Gray renders are often found with other creatures, and are hostile to most intruders.


Kassaerth has only found gray renders inside caves and tunnels, although Kassaerth has not noticed a physical reason that would limit the creature to such an environment.


Most compatible: Brown Bear

  • A fully developed gray render is as large as a bear, and just as strong. The gray render's hunting style is also similar to the bear, as it relies mainly on brute force rather than stealth or finesse.

Other notes

(( OOC: There is a significant amount of lore available on gray renders from other D&D settings, but I am unsure if this is applicable to Avlis. In particular, typical gray render lore states that they are never found in packs, yet groups of gray renders do spawn in certain locations on Avlis. Most of the lore concerns the Disposition and Social Habits. If this lore is deemed acceptable, I am happy to add bits of it to this page. ))