Greater Gorgon

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Creature Name: Greater Gorgon

Observations by: Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Magical Beast ((367))

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The greater gorgon appears to be a massive bull, or perhaps rothe, but with metallic scales rather than hair covering its entire body. It uses its great horns as a weapon, again much like an angry bull. The greater gorgon is also able to breathe a large cloud of noxious vapors, although this appears to be something it can control, as opposed to its natural breathing pattern. Kassaerth has observed some creatures turned completely to stone by the vapors. The origin of this creature is unknown to Kassaerth, but it may be some magical crossbreed of a bull, dragon, and perhaps a basilisk. Certainly, this creature cannot be entirely natural.

Feeding Habits


Disposition and Social Habits

The greater gorgon is extremely aggressive, and would likely attack most other creatures on sight. Although Kassaerth has only seen solitary greater gorgons, Kassaerth wonders if they might accept others of their kind. Bovine creatures often travel in herds, but perhaps the magical nature of the greater gorgon affects its social habits differently from other bovines.


Kassaerth has only found the large gorgons, or their smaller brethren, in caves.


Most compatible: Dire Boar

  • Due to its great strength, the greater gorgon is similar to the bear and boar. However, the greater gorgon's legs and feet are much more similar to a boar's hooves than a bear's paws. As such, the greater gorgon is unable to use its front legs for gathering food, climbing trees, or as a significant weapon. Ultimately, like most bovine creatures, the greater gorgon is most similar to the dire boar fylgia.

Other notes

(added in CTS v1.1.0.1), (( While gorgons are untrainable in PnP, they are trainable on Avlis.))