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The Cytherian Marines

We are looking for a Few Great Warriors!

Do you want to be an integral part of playing in Kurathene? Always wanted DM attention, but could never figure out how to get it? Want to make history in Avlis? Do you the type that wants to be a part of the Best of the Best? Do you like RP and having plenty of opportunities to bash peoples heads in a war setting?

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Cytherian Coat of Arms

Alignment: Any

Base of operations: The Kurathane Fief of Cytheria, located in the far north next to Halstead and Tyedu (some old maps still have it as Lomar)

Description: The Cytherian Marines is the elite of the elite for the Cytherian armed forces. The marines deal in all types of warfare and are equiped and trained to be the best. With political intrigue and battle hungry Tyedu barbarians at the door, it's never short of action.

Who can join: Anyone who wants a good RP experience and enjoys a war setting. Remember though, travel to southern Avlis will be limited.

What we do: Make a mess of our enemies!

What to expect: Lots of RP and lots of fighting!

How to contact us: "Send word to Cytheria" by PMing "Cytherian Frontier", or speak to any of the existing members in-game.

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