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The Imperial Order

My life for my people, my honor for my Empire

Alignment: LN, but other alignments are possible (specially lawful ones)

Base of operations: The City of Kuras

How to contact us: Seek an interview with Centurion Primus Kremal or contact a member of the order in Kuras. The Imperial Order is very visible, and finding one is not difficult.

DM Sponsors: Jonezie, Thalarian Arc'Thass

The Imperial Order is what remains of the governing body of the Kurathene Empire. It was established by Joral Kuras during his reign as Emperor, and was divided into three branches - the Judiciary, the Army and the Legislature. After Joral's death, the Legislature was disbanded, and the Order took over the running of the city of Kuras. To this day, the Order has held the city, protecting it from attacks by power-hungry fief lords until the day that someone who is able to reunite the Empire and take up Joral's legacy proclaims themselves. Until that time, the order is led by its Prefect, who also takes the title of Steward of Kuras. The current Prefect of the Imperial Order is Jorik Roth.

The day to day operations of the Order include maintaining Law and Justice in the city, ensuring the safety and security of the populace, and defending the city from outside threats. In addition, the Order maintains a presence at any large scale event taking place in the city. Membership in the Order is open to any Kurasian citizen in good standing, and we encourage any such person to apply as a Trainee.

~ Signed with the seal of the Imperial Order ~