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General Information: The Freelancer's Guild works in the medieval sense of the word - an entity regulating commerce, specifically, the trade of men-at-arms or mercenaries. The Freelancer's Guild endeavours to provide quality 'dispute mediation' - more simply put, mercenary - services for interested nobles in the Kurathene Empire, whether a merchant seeking personal protection or a fief lord looking for extra swords to bolster their armed forces. While Freelancer's Guild mercenaries are not always the best of warriors, their initiative, survivability, and neutral political stance can make them useful in situations that cannot be handled by regular troops (from espionage to cannon fodder).

The Freelancer's Guild itself is a fairly loose organization - members all ascribe to a similar Code of Conduct in order to achieve a basic guarantee of quality, but further organization is left to members to decide - mercenaries are free to form whatever subgroups with their own rules as they wish, so long as they fit within the Freelancers Guild policy.

Alignment: Any. Freelancers don't care much for ethics; they're more concerned with how skilled you are. Do keep in mind that Freelancers are basically paid to fight, and as scum of the earth may receive a few more 'unsavoury' assignments; keep this in mind if you're planning to bring along a Lawful Good character.

Who can Join? Pretty much anyone who's looking to do mercenary work in the Kurathene Empire. If you've got a talent, it'll be in demand - not only are mercenaries for open battlefield combat necessary, but also characters who specialize in espionage or diplomacy may also find employment.

Base of Operations: Primarily Kuras.

What to Expect: A way to network and get in touch with other mercenaries over the Kurathene, and up to date job postings and offers, making it easier to find employment, and a fairly loose group with a lot of leeway to set up a subgroup of your own. Due to the nature of the guild, it's a safe bet to say you'll encounter a fair amount of Character vs. Character combat.

How to Contact: PM Midknight on the Avlis boards if you have an interest, and you'll be able to gain access to the Guild boards. Alternately, speak to any professed Freelancers in-game, including Midknight's character Zaviel and have them pass on the information.

DM Sponsors: The Kurathene DM Team[1]