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Halstead is looking for soldiers to join the Halstead legion. So if you want the chance to affect the course of Northern Kurathene history and like DM attention in a military setting then Halstead is for you.

Alignment: LN, although other lawfull alignments will be considered.

Base of operations: The refugee camp on the Cytherian/Halstead border in the Kurathane.

Description: A PC Based organisation dedicated to liberating Halstead fief from the barbarians currently occupying it.

Who can join: People who want to rp a war of liberation and the rebuilding of a devastated fief.

What we do: Kill barbarians

Races: Predominately human.

Religion: Toranite. Although other religions are permitted under the law, the open worship of other gods is officialy discouraged.

What to expect: Lots of RP and lots of fighting!

Restrictions: Shaahesk, goblins, orgres orc's and other *evil* races (including anyone from Tyedu) that comprised the barbarian horde that overran Halstead are considered kill on sight.

Worship of Maleki, Verossa, Evrak, and other gods generaly perceived as evil is illegal under the old imperial edict banning the worship of said gods, which is still rigorously enforced.

How to contact: PM The Nomad