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"Unnamed" Guild

Alignment: Must be willing to be associated with evil or commit evil acts.

Class restrictions: none

Characters: Any level, new or existing, any race except human

Contact: PM logical_cricket for details

Purpose: For those of you with evil characters, and those who want to roll one up but never felt like you had an in, I give you your opportunity to join a smart, creative (and yes, DM sponsored) guild. We are a secret organization dedicated to the eradication of humans. Prime requisite is that your character has a hatred of Humans, and M'chek as a whole, and that the character has normal to high activity on the servers. When you send your PM, please list all other affiliations for that character.

So, send me a PM, come gather with like minded individuals, and have a rollin' good time plotting to destroy the nation of M'Chek!