Huge Spitting Fire Beetle

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Creature Name: Huge Spitting Fire Beetle

Observations by: Balanvrast Soar, forum name - Gumble Tinkertumble

Creature Type: Vermin ((1190))

Creature Subtype: Insect

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The Huge Spitting Fire Beetle is closely related to it's smaller more common cousin. Living in some of the deepest caves, the brutes surround themselves with lesser beetles of all types. Predatory in nature they display a modicum of intelligence, preferring to spit fire from afar while their lesser cousins swarm from all flanks.

Feeding Habits

One of the few creatures that eats cooked meat, the huge spitting fire beetle roasts the flesh of its living victims, before devouring them (often whole).

Disposition and Social Habits

Being such a large specimen, these creatures are easy to spot and also hit. As such they appear to cultivate those around them (other beetles) to fight for and protect them. I believe they share a hive mentality, with the largest beetles being the focal point of the hive. Most likely they are breeders.


Needless to say, fire beetles of all denominations prefer warm environments. Deep inside cave systems where even the rock starts to melt is just the sort of the place they like to lair.


Most compatible: Giant Spider

  • These gigantic cousins to the regular fire beetle share an alien mindset with the giant spider, which affords them protection against mind affecting magics. Additionally, similar to the Iron Sword Spiders that infest the Elysia spider caves and spit acid, these vermin can spit fire.

Other notes

Make sure you take protections against fire if you seek them out.

(added in CTS v1.1.0.1)