I Know We Need Each Other

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By Ashanar Sekor (Ash)

Does my smile remind you of blue skies?
'Cause your lips remind me of sweet pies.
Can my voice shelter your from the rain?
Don't you know your touch kills my pain?

I know we need each other... Can't you see, it's plain

Could we walk hand in hand together?
And be happy no matter what the weather.
Singing songs that we know will last forever,
With emotions that no sword can sever.

I know we need each other... Yes, maybe even forever

The world is reflected in your brown eyes
And it spins around your sheet covered sighs.
I long for you so much I am going insane
If you love me darling please don't refrain

I know we need each other... I will stop your pain

You are stuck in my mind like a hot sliver
And my heart flows for you like river
At your touch my soul starts to quiver
Your voice is to me the purest of silver

I know we need each other... Let's start this endeavour

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