Imposition of Will

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The Blackguard attempts to impose his will upon enemies and allies alike, strengthening himself while weakening them. Only Chaotic Evil or characters/creatures with Maleki in the Deity field may be affected. Affected characters must make a Will Save, or suffer a -2 penalty to Saves and AC. The Blackguard gains a +2 bonus to Attack, Damage, Saves and AC. For each additional creature that succumbs to the Blackguard's will, the Blackguard receives an additional +1 to these bonuses, up to the Blackguard's level. (Minimum +2, maximum +15). If the ally makes the save, the Blackguard instead loses 1 from their "pool" of bonuses, and the creature receives a bonus to saves.

While imposing their will, the Blackguard steadily loses hitpoints, and must slake this thirst by killing his enemies. The Blackguard receives a temporary Vampiric Regeneration effect on his weapon (equal to his Charisma bonus, if positive) and takes half of his Blackguard level's worth of 'feedback' damage for the duration.

Duration: Blackguard levels + Charisma bonus rounds. Uses Turn Undead.