Its all for Her

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By Aneirin Menelaos

*begins slowly, a strange tune, discordant, inharmonious, yet not at all unpleasant a clash of strings and begin*

We sit here huddled
together and by ourselves
by candles guttering light
waging war on the cold it seems like
its all...all for nothing

*with a claw like hand he pulls up on the strings letting them clash back against the guitar
as the dissonant chord fades he begins to fingerpick, light gentle notes like rain in the forest*

The feast is ended
we revel in the season
the beauty of the land, the wood
the storm upon the mountains.......
its all....all for her

*he repeats the claw handed chord, the fingerpicked rain now accompanied
quick slashes of a single finger across open strings, you hear lightning*

We make our offerings
respect, fear or love, it doesnt matter
from within they come, without guile
entreaties to the Mother of Storms........
its all...all for her

*he repeats the claw handed chord, and returns to the original dissonant, inharmonious tune

So tell your stories
encompassed in power and wrath
tales of might by guttering light
with one thing in common........
its all...its all for her....

...all for her
...its all for her