Ivory Order of the Sun

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Revised Edition Published by the Academy of Mortal Magic, an entity of Andrinor's Trust January 17, 2218

  • Contents of this book may not be reproduced for any purposes without the consent of the High Mage Council of Avlis*

The Ivory Order of the Sun

Tenets: Altruism. Compassion. Pragmatism.

Restrictions: Wizards and Sorcerers only.

The Ivory Order of the Sun is a mage order that works tirelessly to promote the Greater Good. The Order was founded by Melonius Mennallin at the behest of Chert, the last Archmage of the White Order of the old Fold of Nine. Chert charged Melonius with founding a mage order dedicated to the ideals that the White and similar orders had represented. The name Ivory Order of the Sun was chosen to symbolize light and a new beginning.

In tradition of its predecessor, members of the Ivory Order have one goal: devote their knowledge of the Arcane Arts to the spreading of good throughout Avlis. The Order seeks to help those who can't help themselves, to ease the suffering of the masses and to fight those who would seek to cause harm to the peoples of Avlis. Unlike his predecessor, the Old Fold White Mage, the focus of the average Ivory Mage lies only on working for the betterment of the people. The way he or she goes about this varies greatly.

The Ivory Order was given its modern form at the end of the tenure of its 3rd Archmage, Lafreth Theodalieth. As his last act before stepping down, Lafreth divided the Ivory into two separate entities, each to be led by one of his former apprentices: the revised White Order under Fergus Goodmane, and the new Ivory Order under Jarius Hana. The modern Ivory can be seen as a successor to the ideals of the Silver Order of the old Fold of Nine.

-Members of Ivory