Last Kiss

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By Ashanar Sekor (Ash)

My lover gave me one last kiss
We closed our eyes for a second of bliss
We knew it could not last
She heard the harp as she gasped

Her blood dried on my hand
Her hourglass was out of sand
The Harpinger came to play
Yes, I know... I can't change that day

We all die... as we all cry...
Time does fly... beneath the cold blue sky

One day you will feel like this
When you have your lover's last kiss
Then all you will have will be the past
You will weep with your hands clasped

The time will come to leave this land
Yet your soul's boat won't go unmanned
For to his music your soul will sway
Like a gull's flight through the sea spray

Into a world unknown,
Where you will reap what you had sown
Now that your future has been shown...
Think what will be written on your grave stone.

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