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Creature Name: Leopard

Observations by: Druantia

Creature Type: Animal ((93))

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


On my way back into the wilds, I passed nearby to the inn, once called the Wererat. I stopped to look at the deer that can frequently be found there. There was a small pack of leopard just down the lane. They did not seem to be intereseted in the deer. Although I walked in the midst of them, they did me no harm. In fact, after some curious glances, they all but ignored me. I was able to befriend one of them, who seemed more curious than the others.

The creature is sleek! So much like a panther, that there is no question of the fylgia. The one I studied had a very light, almost ivory coat with ringed spots of varying sizes. Outer rings are black and they are filled in with a tan or brown coloration. It appeared to be a male. It's size was slightly larger than the panther that I am used to, and it seemed to have a small amount more muscle. It had beautiful light yellow cats eyes that showed a great intelligence. When I spoke, it would look straight at me, it's ears slightly back as if listening intently, head cocked slightly to one side.

Again, unfortuantely, I could not complete a bonding ritual.

Feeding Habits

None listed.

Disposition and Social Habits

None listed.


None listed.


Most compatible: Panther

Other notes

None listed.