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Creature Name: Lion

Observations by: Tupaia Warick

Creature Type: Animal ((97))

Creature Subtype: Feline

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


A lion is a glorious feline. The one that I've been observing lives in Elysia, in the outskirts. Her muscles ripple under her hide, and she has a tendency to pounce on critters that annoy her. She has a beautiful golden coat, is a little bigger than a panther, yet a littler smaller than a mircat. If I had to guess, I'd say that she weighed about 150 pounds. She might eat the dire boars in the area. With me she is very calm and gentle, but when others approach her she attacks with a fierce bite. When I attempted to bond with her, I sensed a distinct connection between us, however I wasn't able to bond with her. I plan on studying her some more in her habitat, next time, I'll draw some sketches.

Feeding Habits

None listed.

Disposition and Social Habits

None listed.


None listed.


Most compatible: Panther

Other notes

None listed.