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By Ashanar Sekor (Ash)

Hello, loneliness my friend
We drink together once again
On this bar stool I'll pretend
That our love never met its end

I sleep not at night anymore
My nightmares treat me like a whore
Sleeping alone, I'm cold to the core
Why should I live this life anymore?

Seeds of despair grow in me
The break of dawn waits for me
I would move on, don't you see
But my heart still yet is not free

So here I sit once again
With loneliness my only friend
With dark thought I can not comprehend
Will I sit here to the end?

My heart bleeds like an open sore
From the wound which you tore
You don't love me anymore
And that's rotting me to the core

Maybe someone out there has the key
That will fix what is troubling me
But until I meet them I can not see
That a dawn's maybe waiting there for me

So hello loneliness, my old friend
Let me pour the next for you again
And we can pretend it didn't end
And... Into... You... I... Will... Descend...

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