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The following is the current rank system used by the M’Chekian Army:

Enlisted ranks:

Recruit - Recruits are newly inducted enlisted soldiers, and their training is overseen by a Corporal or Sergeant to ensure they acclimate to a soldiers life with little issues.

Private – The greatest numbers of soldiers in the M’Chekian army are Privates, forming the backbone of all operations and maneuvers in the field. Privates have no command authority.

Corporal – Corporals are the first level of non commissioned officers (NCO’s), and those Privates showing leadership skills will often be promoted to this rank. May command a squad if needed.

Sergeant – Sergeants are commonly placed in command of 8 -12 man squads. Rank can be field promoted by any Lieutenant or above based on need with no approval needed from High Command.

Sergeant Major - A sergeant who has distinguished themselves in both loyalty and skill, but is otherwise unfit for broad tactical command. A Sergeant Major is often placed in charge of a platoon or elite squad. Brevet rank is given by a Company commander, typically a 1st Lieutenant or Captain, and ultimately approved by the Battalion commander. One Sergeant Major is allotted per Company.

Command Sergeant - Exceptionally distinguished Sergeants who has been given authority to procure and manage personnel and supply lines. Also serves on the Command Staff to the Battalion commander. Still does not have broad tactical command, but may lead a platoon or elite squad. Rank is given by Battalion commander and there is only one Command Sergeant per Battalion.


2nd Lieutenant – 2nd Lieutenants are the lowest rank of the officer corps, and typically are in command of roughly 50 man platoons. They can deploy as directed by the leadership, but are in charge of and responsible for the field operation of their troops. Brevet Rank can be given based on need by Captain and above, but final approval must be made by Battalion commander or higher rank.

1st Lieutenant - As 2nd Lieutenant, but distinguished and authorized to have Company level (100-125 men) authority. Brevet Rank can be given by Battalion commander or higher rank, and ultimate approval and promotion is given by Battalion commander or higher.

Captain - Further distinguished from 1st Lieutenant. Authorized to have Company level authority and command staff. Brevet Rank can be granted by Battalion commander and above when needed, but ultimate approval must be made by a General or War Commissioner.

Major – Serves as a deputy commander for the Battalion, sometimes called an Executive Officer or XO. Can command the entire battalion, elite platoons and companies, and is part of the Command staff. Typically no more than 2 Majors per Battalion, with each providing oversight of half of the Company’s in the Battalion. Promotion to this rank can only be granted by a General or the War Commissioner.

Lieutenant Colonel – Lt. Colonels have the authority to command Battalions of 1000 – 1500 soldiers. Can only be granted by the War Commissioner after recommendation by a General.

Colonel - Colonels serve as Battalion commanders and as Brigade deputy commanders. Can only be granted by the War Commissioner after recommendation by a General.

Brigadier (General) – Brigadier’s have overall authority over Brigades, which consists of 2 – 6 Battalions. Approval from the War Commissioner and High Command.

General – Full Generals are in charge of Divisions, comprising of 2 – 4 Brigades. M’Chek has 3 active Divisions; The Underdark Division, the Northern Division and the Southern Division. ((Need to verify this)) Approval from the War Commissioner and High Command are necessary to attain this rank.

Field Marshall – Typically only one active Field Marshall at any given time. Those attaining this rank have overall command of all Army forces within M’Chek, and along with members of High Command and the War Commissioner, develop strategies for tactical operations during the times of conflict.