Magebane Bat

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Creature Name: Magebane Bat

Observations by: Kassaerth Ssalaresh

Creature Type: Animal

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


This creature looks similar to a common bat, but as its name indicates, it is quite skilled at dissolving magic. In addition, this bat is significantly tougher than common bats, and Kassaerth has noticed when the magebane bat is forced into physical combat, it is able to concentrate its strikes in vulnerable areas of the victim. Other than these traits, Kassaerth has not observed other significant differences from common forest or cave bats.

The magical properties of these bats are interesting. Kassaerth has observed the bats casting spells similar to those such as dispel magic, greater dispel, and even the rare disjunction. In addition, the creature is able to, on occasion, project an anti-magic force in a small, cone-shaped area. This force appears to dissolve any type of magic it touches. Finally, the bat itself seems immune to any sort of magic, and was completely unharmed by various spells cast at it. Interestingly, the creature seems unable, or perhaps unwilling, to cast any sort of spells other than the dispels already noted.

Feeding Habits

Kassaerth has not yet observed this bat feeding, although Kassaerth has two theories. First, the magebane bats are perhaps common cave bats that have somehow acquired a skill at dispelling magic. If this is the case, then they would most likely feed on insects, spiders, and other bugs, or perhaps even small lizards or toads. Alternately, the magebane bat is perhaps a magical creation, and its similarity to bats ends at its appearance. If true, then Kassaerth imagines that the magebane bat might actually feed on the magic which it dispels, perhaps gaining energy from the magic it destroys. Further observation and research is needed.

Disposition and Social Habits

The bat appears to act in all other ways similar to a common cave bat. It has been spotted on several occasions cohabiting with common bats, although clearly much rarer. In a group of a dozen, one would be lucky to observe even a single magebane bat. Kassaerth has recently discovered large groups of these bats together. Perhaps this means they can successfully breed and are not purely a magical creation? Experienced woodsmen may be able to approach one of these bats without raising its ire.


Kassaerth has found magebane bats in underground caves, and also above ground, near a shallow lake that is not quite a swamp. In both cases, the habitat is filled with plentiful insects and small lizards, locations that would be excellent hunting grounds for normal bats.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • The magebane bat is not entirely similar to any of the typical fylgia creatures. It's hunting style consists of removing the victim's magical defenses and moving in afterward, if at all. This style is most closely matched by the giant spider, and to a lesser extent, the hawk. Physically, the bat is certainly similar to the hawk. Although the bat certainly does not have the hawk's keen eyesight, it's ability to track victims by sound is nearly as effective. Overall, although not a perfect match, the hawk comes closest when comparing both physical traits and hunting style.

Other notes

After seeing many together, and always in typical bat hunting locations, Kassaerth suspects that the magebane bat species is a relative of the common cave or forest bat that has perhaps mutated or otherwise acquired its magical abilities.

(( Magebane Bats are currently trainable, but become a regular bat once bonded, presumably due to shared appearance. Suggested CTS special abilities would include Mordenkainen's Disjunction, Greater Dispel, Dispel Magic, Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Resistance, Greater Spell Mantle, and/or Beholder Anti-Magic Cone. ))