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List of Files

All haks should be extracted with WinRAR and placed in your NWN\Hak folder

The tlk file should be extracted and placed in your NWN\Tlk folder

Latest Files to replace CEP (Now active)

New versions for Patch 1.69

Avlis Base Haks - you need all of these for all Avlis servers

  • avlis_main1_6.rar: See new version above
  • copaphak4_8.rar: See new version above
  • universalhak_4_8.rar: See new version above

Additional files required for some Avlis servers

You will need these as you travel from server to server

  • See new version above

You also need the CEP hak and patches up to version 1.53

These can can be found here

(insert link)

You also need the Tlk file

Extract and place in your NWN\Tlk folder, NOT the Hak folder

  • copaptlk_4_7.rar: See new version above

This file is optional and replaces the other avlis_main1_6.rar file if you want to see dynamic custom races

To be changed soon!

These files may be useful if you decide to travel to other Worlds in the CoPAP Alliance

Not needed for Avlis any more

New Installer - On Trial - Use this at your own risk, but please report any problems with it