Ode to Bigarow

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By Willem Lightheart

Come one, come all
Come short, come tall
Come and listen in
Come thick, and thin
Come young, come old
Hear the stories to be told

He was a giant of a man
He carried a greatsword in his hand
Because he was so big
It looked like a twig
The sword swallower was he
In the circus with my family

Ah yes, I remember him well
For all of the stories that he would tell
A kind hearted giant was he
I am so glad he befriended me
I will never forget the first day
With his greatsword he let me play

It has been a long time since I have seen his face
In my heart he will always hold a special place
Oh Bigarow, Bigarow I remember your commands
That is why I wield a greatsword in my hands
It always helps me to see
A little of you, in me