Ode to Dru’El

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By Willem Lightheart

A greater god of Avlis is he
His belief system speaks to me
For fighting for the greater good
Those fighting are often misunderstood
Laws might be important to rule
But should not always be followed like a fool

Seeking to find oneself and how to relate
To the world around us is our fate
Becoming one with nature is the goal
Helping those in need is the role
Defending the weak whenever they are in need
To their call followers will always heed

The forest and elves are his chosen few
But other races flock to him too
If you try to follow him today
He certainly will not turn you away
Searching Avlis all the more
For followers to knock on his door

Dru’El is a god for the good of all kind
To seek to enlighten your heart and mind
Follow him now and you will know
Exactly which way your life should go
And if you are true to the call
No matter the strife Dru’El bless you all