Ode to the Queen of Liquids

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Note: This ode to the ale or "Queen of Liquids" has been sung in many variations over the years. This is the original text as first performed at the Monthly Monday Madness in Ferrell.

Many paths there are to walk
In the lands upon which
The mortals must wander
Be they Elves or Men or Ogres
Or whatever creature ye might be

Through cold of winter
And starless nights
Under burning sun
And bitter rain
Many a wanderer must find his way

For what might be
For what never became
For war and glory
For a love half given
The travelers reasons are many

But this they share
Night all but few
Mortals and immortals alike
The love of the Golden Brew

Yea! Golden streams
Of foam-topped brew
Queen of Liquids
Runs down the throat
Quenches the thirst

And be tomorrow
The start of hardships
Today we drink and merry be
So lift your glass and hail
The Queen of Liquids!