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Credits and Sources

Authors: Heronimus Fox primarily, data entry from IceThorn, and contributions by Bas-Postma and Uncast.


Orc languages <---> Should reflect some semitic grammar with a slight Arabic template mixed in with Klingon-sounding words, but it may not be in its current form on the server.

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Mal'urt at magaiz.
Killer of mages.

Mogomaga prakedz-uga. Rothroog-ug skrinz.
Spell taken inside (absorbed). Boosting power.

Frelmaug magobl grenlukuga. Krisgashug dora ta sna bremob.
Magical improvements detected. Starting shield to stop damage.

Pushdug sniglitz-ur Valokur gralflu.
Stinking cowardly Valokian dogs

Mag Zavnuk-ub choom latuuk.
I Zavnuk will kill you all.

Lathai gothmog ic nuubhuk.
Your leader is an outcast.

Mag mouggmush hugg'ka-ub tab nabb-z, greb zragug Gruumsh-ob.
My morning star will pound his bones, feel Gruumsh's anger.

Pah, tu mikonai vag zu'tugu lathai sharek agh magai agh shamen.-
'Distain', you humans live behind your women, mages and priests.

Zavnuk cemgund dralzah ghaash grultuk-ug ag-ub choom lat-uuk.
Zavnuk, fire axe of the granite dragons will slaughter you all.

Lathai sha-ek agug a-vrekrek, lathai sha-ag a-gimbub, lathai sharek a-olog.
Your father is a badger, your mother a prostitute, your woman a troll.

Ag-ka gika-ug lat-uuk snaga-ub.
I will make you all my slaves.

Akhr'iach te Asgchagoth!
Praise the Dreadlord!

Snig mag!/magtab porack!
Fear me!/my weapon!

Katcha umdel gald'urt!
Hello great leader!





Common Dubunat Orcish
To activate Krisgash
To ambush Ledztrak
To attack Ledz
To be (are 'p') Ag
To bind Krimp
To bite Thuut
To bless Shakh
To boost Rothroog
To bring Thrak
To buy Goshak
To close Grak
To come Cuum
To cook Gralkka
To cut/slice Tiis
To detect Grenluk
To devour Throqu
To die Mat
To dig, mine U'tah
To do Dlor
To drink Trok
To eat Throq
To farm Sharn
To fear Snig
To feel Gren
To find Gimb
To fly Zes
To gather Srinkh
To give Gib
To glow Goi
To go, to walk Vagra
To grow Frel
To hate Genshar
To have Uk
To hide/lie hidden Fauth
To hope Brak
To hurt/damage Brem
To improve Frelma
To journey Vag
To kill Mal
To know Rel
To lead Gald
To learn Grel
To like, enjoy Elnuz
To live Vag
To loose Essenek
To love Nasa
To lure Prakh
To make Gika
To open Groohr
To place Nort
To play Bhalem
To praise Akhr'iach
To prostitute Slagt
To push Throog
To read Lesuk
To recommend Droolk
To rule Durb
To run Turl
To save Keduk
To say Murg
To see Luk
To sell Duk
To sing Ogo
To sleep Shuusk
To slaughter Choom
To smelt Ghaashuka
To speak Mogo
To stand Renk
To start Kris
To steal Kaxg
To stink Push
To stop Sna
To take Prak
To think Grel
To twitch Grkagrk
To want, to need Gimb'ug
To watch, to guard Renk'ug
To win Chank
To work Mrach



Common Dubunat Orcish
Prefix to the interogative to make it into a relative a-
Root of interogative words m-
Verb infinitive -at
People (collective plural) -hai
in (case suffix) -ishi
making/creating -ka
of (case suffix) -ob
verb future tense suffix -ub
verb present active participle -ug
verb past passive article -uga
all -uuk
them -ul
-ness, yness -um
for -uur
-uurz -uurz
noun plural after consonant -l
noun plural after consonant -u
noun plural after vowel -z

Possessive Example

Common Dubunat Orcish   Common Dubunat Orcish
Have Uk   Have Uk
I Mag   We Ret
I have (plural) Mag'uk('r)   We have (plural) Retuk('r)
You Lat   You (plural) Lat
You have (plural) Latuk('r)   You have (plural) Latuk('r)
He Ta   They (masculine) Ta(?)
He has Tauk   They have (Masculine) Tauk
She Na   They (Feminine) Na(?)
She has Nauk   They have (Feminine) Nauk
It Uk   They (Neuter) -Na-ul
It has Ukuk   They have (Neuter) -Na-uluk(?)

Active Future Example

Common Dubunat Orcish   Common Dubunat Orcish
Have Ukub   Have Uk
I Mag   We Ret
I have (plural) Mag'ukub('r)   We have (plural) Retukub('r)
You Lat   You (plural) Lat
You have (plural) Latukub('r)   You have (plural) Latukub('r)
He Ta   They (masculine) Ta(?)
He has Taukub   They have (masculine) Taukub
She Na   They (feminine) Na(?)
She has Naukub   They have (feminine) Naukub
It Uk   They (neuter) -Na-ul
It has Ukukub   They have (neuter) -Na-ulukub(?)



Common Dubunat Orcish
I/me mag
we/us ret
he/him ta
she/her na
his/her's tab
it uk
you lat
they/them -Na-ul
this za
that a'nu
mine/my magtab

Question Words

Common Dubunat Orcish
who a'roo
what a'rat
when a'renk
where a'mal
why a'ruum
how H'rag
how much/many H'rak
which a'rig


Common Dubunat Orcish
Althought Ohr
And Agh
Because Arl
But, yet te-
If i-
Or o-


Common Dubunat Orcish
at -khat
beyond lugvat
down -bop , t'bop
in -ishi
for -uur
of at
out -ipak
up, over -pob, t'pob
With (-ful) -'umok,
Without (-less) -(k)'unok


Common Dubunat Orcish
One Ash
Two Ta
Three Tra
Four Kwa
Five Krak
Six Sah
Seven Sef
Eight Aht
Nine Krith
Ten Dess
Eleven Dess-ash
Twenty Tazat
Thirty Trazat
Hundred Desszat
Thousand Dedesszat

Time Indicators

Common Dubunat Orcish
second 'erk
minute 'mor
hour 'ur
day 'ol
week 'ern
month 'unt
often, a lot 'rak
year 'ar
today selag
yesterday romlag
tomorrow relag