Our Wedding Song

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By Willem Lightheart

I was still feeling quite sad
For I still missed my Love so bad
But that day when I walked through the gate
Something was sure to change my fate
The tears I wiped from my face
As I basked in Susallia’s warm embrace

I smiled at her and asked, what shall we do
She said, this day I would like to wed with you
So with a smile on my face and a song in our heart
Off to Hala we did depart
To find a priest to do the job right
And marry us that very night

Susallia looked so beautiful in her dress
I was quite nervous I must confess
Then I said I have nothing to wear
And all of a sudden a tuxedo was there
It just appeared on my back
And I almost had a heart attack

Before the altar we did stand
Holding each other hand in hand
Then in love we exchanged a vow
To love each other in the here and now
The love we share is sublime
And it will last till the end of time