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Aiquandol Orener the 3rd
Race: Elf
Age: 52

Personality 1 (Born this way): Lawful Good, resrved.
Personality 2 (Created from a horrible happpening in Deglos): Chaotic Neutral, extremely eccentric. Ex. Tasted the entire T'Nanshi Forest.
Personality 3 (Created by the destruction of the two forementioned): Chaotic Good.
Final personality. After the first two personalities killed themselves the 3rd was created. He retains his desire for goodness, and some of the foremetioned eccentricity.

He's a dynamic character. He was not indroduced as a complete work, but something that required time to roleplay out. He now, after 10 months of play, represents a "settled" character. He has a true history in avlis and true inner struggle. The journal below represents events in his life that have actally happened in Avlis/CoPaP. Half way through his life an inner struggle was introduced of Multiple Personality Disorder. He has resolved that struggle, and stays now as a completed character.

  • A separate handwriting seems to add annotations to the journal.*
  • Attached is a list of names, labeled ?acquaintances and friends?.*

December the 11th in the Winter of 2077: I have arrived in the human city of Mikona. The guards here are rude bigots intent on destroying the entire elven race. I explored the city a bit and found some good work with this apprentice alchemist. His name is Jerto.

March the 29th in the Spring of 2078: It was my birthday today. A whole 25 years old. It seems like such a short amount of time since Mom and Dad died...

April the 11th in the Spring of 2078: I met a friend today. His name is Fingers Manus. We explored the outskirts of Mikona and went into this strange cave full of ice. As we got deeper these bad creatures saw us and we ran for our lives. On our way out we ran into a DRAGON! It was huge! It started killing all the creatures behind us and saved our lives. What happened next was so strange! I?ve never spoken to a dragon before. She was big and white and very beautiful for the first dragon I?ve seen. Gorethar must have blessed me that day! She asked us to travel to this city called Elysia to buy her dresses. I had never been there but Fingers had. He showed me the way. It was the most beautiful city I had ever seen. I want to live there some day.

October the 25th in the Fall of 2079: Well it?s been a year since my last entry. I?ve been busy. I met a half elf named Alandric Elfkin. He?s my best friend now. For a long time we wandered the wilderness looking for adventure. I?ve found a lot and learned a lot. There?s this ?Order of Gorethar? that makes people suffer all in his name. I don?t wish to associate with such people any longer.. they disgust me.

September the 18th in the Fall of 2080: I went to T?nanshi this year. It was a long journey but...enlightening. I had told the T?nanshins before I left that I would do all I could to help in their efforts to survive again M?chek. Word travels fast I suppose, for when I arrived back in the city I was slain upon sight by the guards and my favorite bow was stolen from my corpse.

November the 17th in the Fall of 2080: I have come to the order of the way to train with the monks here for a year. It is not enough time to become as skilled as they are, but I want to acquire their fighting skills. They seem to suit me well.

January the 25th in the Winter of 2082: Today I joined the army and pledged my loyalty to my homeland. I?ve converted to a cleric of Dru?El as well. Is T?Nanshi not a beautiful place worth fighting for? I know mom and dad would want me to do it! *below is a leaf pressed into the book*

  • There are several pages of sketches with words so hastily scrawled that they?re unreadable. The corners of every page are stained in blood*

May the 25th in the Summer of 2083: I was promoted to woodmaster today.

July the 14th in the Summer of 2085: Earlier today I made a trip to Mikona with Alandric. We were in the market place and I was hiding my face as I always do in that city. Suddenly this balor rises from the ground and starts to slay innocent people around me. I had been trained that humans were the enemy but I could not endure the sight of carnage any longer. I cast my cloak aside and called out requesting strength from Dru?El. A red light came down from the sky as I touched the balor. I swift kick to its head brought it down to my feet with ease. People all around gasped and stared at me... I grabbed my cloak, turned invisible, then ran out of the city.

July the 20th in the Summer of 2085: Green Raven spoke with me today. I?m being examined for treason by the T?nanshi army for saving M?Chek. How could they understand! They weren?t there! I?m surrounded by ignorant lumberjakcs!

November the 15th in the Fall of 2085: Alandric and I spoke with a woman named Midnight. She?s a cleric such as myself, I cannot recall her god. Anyway, that?s not important. She?s opening up a guild in Elysia. She hasn?t decided on a name yet but I?d sure like to join it!

February the 12th in the Winter of 2086: The guild?s name is E.D.G.E (Elysia?s Diligent Guides and Explorers). I haven?t gone on my first mission yet but I?m super excited!

June the 15th in the Summer of 2095: I have so much to write about. First of all a portal opened up to this land called Mythos. I went there with a little rogue I met named Perin. He was good company, but the land itself was quite harsh. Shortly after the portal was closed Alandric and I purchased a wonderful little house in the Elysia Wharves.

After another year a portal was opened by a wizard. It led to the plane of Ysgard and to the Island of Hala. It?s a beautiful place. There are wonderful stretches of green as far as your eye can see. It?s pristine beauty.

I?ve had many adventures in Hala, including one involving this huge silver dragon named Thau?sar?liyx. I?ve seen so many dragons by now I?ve lost count. He was nice, apparently all evil dragons in Hala fear him. He saved my life twice.

January the 14th in the Winter of 2097: Something horrible has happened! The island of Hala was shaken by some massive force and split apart. People are suffering and starving, all the wonderful forests are gone. I?m going to do whatever I can to help them.

  • several pages follow with nothing written on them but the words ?So dark... so very dark.? repeated*
  • In all of the following pages a new hand writing seems to be introduced into the Journal. It?s different, more carefree. The I?s are dotted with flowers, and trees are drawn in the margins*

April the 21st in the Spring of 2098: I?ve resigned from the army and have spent weeks requesting admission back into the city of Mikona. I?ve decided to give up.

December the 24th in the Winter of 2100 *the date is carelessly scribbled* They?re so horrbile! Why won?t they come off! When I look in the mirrors they mock me. Children run in fear. I tried cutting them, but they just come back. Why did they want ME!

June the 8th in the Summer of 2105: She?s going to destroy Takaii! I must kill her! NO! She?s just sick and needs my help. Poor poor Kitiara. I?ve forgiven her before and I can do it again...I?M GOING TO KILL THAT WHORE! How dare she threaten to invade my home and... I can always replant the crops and bring the people back to life. *blood stains the paper*

  • A separate handwriting continues beyond this point.*
  • A note is stuck into the journal at this point*

Aiquandol Orener appeared to have two distinct personalities living inside of him. Up until my creation they were always in agreement. One would take over during peaceful times, and the other ? a master of battle ? would run the show when his expertise were needed. These personalities appeared to have been created when Aiquandol got stuck in Deglos for what I assume was a long time. (Source; Calawyn Melenei). The personalities killed each other after the defense of Takaii in 2105. The grief both experienced for being unable to save the village was so great that the other was blamed. Aiquandol?s mind warred with itself, and both sides fell.

June the 12th in the Summer of 2105: Aiquandol Orener defended the village of Takaii from an army of undead. His accomplishments in battle were great, defeating two demi-lichs, a draco lich, and a shadow dragon.

Later on the same day both of Aiquandol?s personalities killed themselves, and are forever lost save their cryptic memories in my mind. I?m sure he would have wished to say good bye to those he cared for; I have met them, and they are all great.

  • several pages are left blank and a new entry is made in the 3rd handwriting*

June the 12th in the Summer of 2105: My name is... Aiquandol Orener.... and evidently I?m 52 years old. It's.. so hard to remember. It's as though I've been living two lives.. oh what terrible fate may have befelled them? Why, why do I exist now and they do not?