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Name: Allana Kalene
Race: Human

In a small northwest village of Mikona, Allana Kalene was born to parents of modest means. Her father, Kolden, was a shoemaker owning his own tiny shop in the heart of the town. Her mother, Tera, was a seamstress that kept herself busy in the home while Allana was away at school. Both of them instilled in her a sense of goodness and caring for the world around them. Allana with the loving support of her parents grew strong in body, mind and spirit. Her strength and innocence drew the attention of the local priests of Gorethar. As she reached the age of puberty, Allana was admitted into the cloister to further her studies beyond that of the local schools. Feeling a draw to serve all living beings, she committed to a path of goodness and faith in Gorethar.

After coming of age she started serving in the Church of Gorethar doing simple tasks for the local ministries. She aided the weak and downtrodden by helping with the necessities of life. As the years passed, a longing grew in her heart. She yearned for more than feeding the hungry, clothing the bare. She would awake to visions of strange scenery, wastes of war -- seeing herself with a gleaming suit of armor glistening on her torso, silver shield on her limbs and gauntlets of steel holding a masterfully crafted mace. She stands tall before hordes of denizens of malice. Though these images were terribly frightening, she felt a peace and calm in her heart. The comforting sense that Gorethar himself was right there with her, imbuing her with his divine power. Evil, hatred and malice would fall before her might. She was a warrior maiden of the faith. This was her divine right.

She began to hear the guidance of Gorethar as her desire to venture forth grew. Another deity, Dre'Ana, called to her heart. She urged her to seek out battle and conquer evil with her might -- that goodness, love and compassion also needed the strong arms of warriors to defend those that live in peace. This truth resonated in her and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would leave.

As if fated by the heavens, her parents both became ill with a wasting disease that struck the village. This accursed affliction was beyond the means of the local healers. It was discovered that forces of evil were behind the strange disease that ravaged her village. In only a few weeks the priests of good purged the illness from the area but not before it took its effect. Hundreds became weak and died in that short period of time including her parents. She mourned their loss and vowed to live her remaining days making a difference in the world. Months passed as she helped the village rebuild but the sorrow surrounding the pace was too much for her young heart. Taking what little inheritence she received from her parents' passing she traveled to the city of Mikona to begin her new life as a warrior priestess of Gorethar.