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Name: Anyamaur Orener
Race: Avlissian Elf
Deity: Corellon Larethian
Class: Ranger/Druid

Favorite Sandwich: Southill Sloppy Joe

Anyamaur Orener or "Anya" (as she does not prefer to be called) is the sister of Aiquandol Orener, and after the death of siblings' parents, she left Le'Or to follow after her brother and make a name for herself.
So she's travelled to three different planes and various pocket planes and still hasn't gotten that name- no matter. Anyamaur's main goal in life is to live a happy one, and she's doing a fine job of that. At first glance most would say Anyamaur is strange, maybe even crazy, and they're right about the strange part. Anyamaur may or may not have different personalities... this is a debatable subject. One thing's for sure: None of those personalities is purposefully and wholly evil. Anyamaur's given a lot to others, both material and emotional. She's not sure if she's gotten an equal amount back yet, but that matters little to Anya, as what boosts her spirits is knowing someone/s out there who are happy and fortunate because of her generosity. Source