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Corbin, now age 20, is currently the Crown Prince of Osannia. His father, Agis (the current King of Osannia), made sure to have tutors rigorously teaching Corbin since he began to read. Corbin has studied Osannia history, military tactics, and the "proper way for a prince to act" all of his life and he is somewhat irritated at what is expected.

In the early years of his young life, Corbin worked the various trades of Osannia during the day and studied with tutors at night, with rarely a time for personal enjoyment or child's play. The patricians and plebians under which he worked showed no mercy for him being a prince and treated him like he was any other worker of their craft. From pulling weeds in the fields, harvesting crops, milling grain, herding and slaughtering cattle, or even shoveling sewage for the fire beetle farm, Corbin was involved in it all and glad he was royalty when the day was done. The work gave him the sense of respect for the common man and helped him learn what was actually involved in making Osannia work.

As he matured and soldiering lessons began, so did his attendance at the Illian Martial Academy. Corbin was never an attentive student since he thought he knew everything the instructors were teaching. He was often tardy or daydreaming and the sight of him sitting in the Head Master's office was not unusual. His daydreams took him to the battlefield or fights in the Arena. Near the end of his final term at the Academy, Corbin could take no more and snuck off under the cover of darkness and using his influence to make way to Kuras. Corbin hoped to see the former capitol for the first time and maybe find some action along the way. After returning to Osannia, Corbin eventually graduated the Academy and was placed in charge of foreign relations by King Agis, who never liked working on external affairs.


Slightly arrogant, Corbin is not as world-wise as he thinks. Due to his almost complete lack of a childhood, he is now a little hedonistic, looking for as much entertainment as possible while he is not yet king and sometimes acts like an impetuous child. Though a devout worshipper of Senath and a strategic thinker, he can sometimes make rash decisions on the spur of the moment. He likes to think of himself as a womanizer, though his almost complete lack of any experience with women is more then prevalent. Corbin has also already started a weapon collection and wishes to have the greatest collection of fine weapons of anyone in Avlis. He practices with each, though Corbin is starting to focus on combat with the hand-and-a-half sword, the preferred weapon in Osannia. Corbin is somewhat disappointed the Illian family has not gained any real lands since and would like to see Isslius return to its former glory, though the giants of Crullath and Servator pose problems.