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Biography of D'Anjal Veskandar Ra?

Race : Alvii / Avlissian Elf
Age : Unknown, but already lived 2 elven lifetimes.


The arrival (ooc part of old thread)

D'Anjal was original an Alvii, an eternal elf. Not just any elf, he was one of the nine supreme mages of Ellon, his homeplane. In those days, a mantle of shadows seemed to cover the plane, resulting in crop starvation, hunger, and even murder in the darkest corners. This seems to be the work of Vy Thrytes, the long forgotten dark arch-mage. Battle after battle the Alvii fought with the rampaging orcs and kobolds led by Vy, in vain...

The mantle kept extending his grip on Ellon, leaving only death and destruction. In a final attempt to break the power of Vy, the nine supreme started a series of incantations that should take care of the mantle. When the last incantation was being spoken however, Yrroth Osormach, the right-hand of Vy Thrytes and a cunning assasin with magical powers, leapt from the shadows and unleashed a black bolt of negative energy at D'Anjal. The result however was not what he expected.

Instead of stopping the spell, it altered the nature of the spell. Most of the people in the room were teleported to another place on Ellon. D'Anjal and Yrroth however, being the cause of all this, were banished to another plane: the world of Avlis. The complex magics used by the nine also had other side-effects however: Ellon was engulved into an eternal time-stop until the spell ends the loop created by the disturbance. It can only be terminated in two ways: the total annihilation of both D'Anjal and Yrroth, or their return.

His experiences on Avlis

Many things have happend in the meantime. His search for Yrroth seemed to have come to a dead end. The dreaded rogue is nowhere to be found. Who has been found however was Arkn'Sterod, the lawkeeper of Masilis. D'Anjal made it a matter of personal honor to guide him trough this world, as Arkn guided him trough his city once.

As time went on, his friend chose sides in the war. D'Anjal too symphatised for the elves cause, but he was not clear if it was worth the bloodshed. He had seen enough of that back on Ellon. However, about the same time, he met an elven green-haired ranger. The three of them traveled a lot, be it in the wilderness or the underdark. Nothing could stop them, a formidable team.

Even to this very day, D'Anjals connection to his compagnions in those days remains unbroken.

After some time, another person became part of this mans history. His name is Alanon Baldor. This arrogant little fellow seemed to deem himself worthy of becoming D'Anjals apprentice. Although D'Anjal had doubts at first, Alanon became a trusted companion and a good friend. The arrogance stayed however, but was tempered after the 'Azyra'-threatment.

A year passed.

Melonius Housewarming Party. The Vortex. Chaos...

A new age had begun. Magic on Avlis was taking a rise. Old mage orders were given new life! Melonius, the fresh new archmage of the Ivory Order of the Sun, contacted D'Anjal to join his ranks. Once more, he would become a part of a High Circle of Mages! Gladly he accepted, honored and willing to part with all other plans.

Untill this very day, D'Anjal remains the Great Mage of Relations of the Ivory Order of the Sun. Still searching for a way to get home, he also feels his responsebilities tie him to Avlis now.

Still looking for a solution. One man. Two worlds. ((Source))