PCs:Edward Von Ravenstone

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Race: Human
Age: 39

Edward was born a farmer outside Mikona. During a famine he left his farms to seek more fertile lands. He finally found a good spot to plant near a dense forest that seemed to reek of evil. It was good land for farming, and his hunger drove him on. Inside the green veil of the woods, he met an Elven Ranger who befriended him. In turn, Edward helped the elves defeat a witch that was infesting the woods with spiders and vermin. These elves taught Ed the secret craft of a Ranger. Bidding the elves a farewell, he returned home to find the famine still biting the stomachs of his old friends.

Bringing them to the elven forest, they carved out a place in the wood to farm. This angered the elves there, and in defense of their home, the farms were decimated and Edward, barely escaping with his life, was a target of the elves who taught him their ways.

Now a Traveller seeking to space himself from this past, Edward gave ear to a Deity named Ptah, who aided Travellers much like himself.

He is currently in Mikona seeking the aid of a Monk Order so that he might hide his Ranger status among the humans. Eventually, the long memories of the elven folk will catch up to him, and he knows it.

Long term? Edward hopes to make the roads safe for those who journey from place to place, and is saddened by the war that is tearing Avlis to pieces. Someday he hopes to make amends to the elves that taught him the arts of being a Ranger.