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Name: Frederrick Uffelinter
Race: Gnome
Age: 45

Place of Origin: Bhazgamph

History: Born in the snowy hill-town of Bhazgamph in south-eastern Deglos, which borders with the nation of Drotid. His childhood was pretty uneventful, all the usual things that children go through, climbing up trees, climbing down pits, trowing rocks at rothes, usual stuff.

At the age of 35 (young adulthood for a gnome) he was recruited into the Bhazgamph Rangers. These guys patrol and protect the town of Bhazgamph and surrounding areas, including the often dangerous Drotid Pass.

Served with The Rangers for several years, learning new skills, trapping, stalking, scouting and without any major incidents. However, one day, for no apparent reason, his patrol was ambushed by Dranuhl High Guards! The ambush was fierce and swift, and within minutes all lay slain on the icy ground! Mortally wounded, Frederrick lay amongst his dead comrades, his life slowly ebbing.

By the grace of Fegall, or some other divine power, or perhaps just luck, Frederrick's bleeding slowed and the wound closed. He lay for some hours like this, until at last regained some strength of will and managed to crawl up the valley back into town.

Frederrick was the sole survivor from that patrol. His comrades all slain.

Other rangers will patrol Bhazgamph. Frederrick hands in his badge, he has a new quest now.

Dranuhl is a mighty foe, and Frederrick knows it would be foolish to tackle him, or his minions unprepared. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he can bide his time until the moment is right.

He travels overland to Ferrel, and thence to Mikona to research undead at the great libraries of Mikona. He needs to learn new skills, lore, deadly aim with the crossbow, and the ways and workings of the undead. There is much to do, much to learn, and no gold to pay for it. Source