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Race: Human
Class: Mother
Frida da Medican

Mother of four children, Frida has up until now enjoyed the quite life of caring for them and her husband Kandur. She is a small, stern lady, her white hair woven in a tight bun.

Never has she failed in her duty to manage the household. Her friends admired her gentle manners and her caring for the poor souls in the slums. As a mother however she is said to be terrifying.

Her oldest son Refar had been raised to inherit the title and the business of the da Medicans. For this end he had to endure a seemingly endless stream of house teachers, boarding schools and business trips with his fathers employees.

For her the second son she had envisioned that he would join an honourable fighting order, such as Gorethars. Hence the poor boy had to train fighting since his third year, to build up brawns, to hone his skills.

Her beautiful daughter Irma is already engaged to a handsome and rich noble of Mikona.

To her great satisfaction both boys grew up entirely as intended, although Rufus has not been seen for quite a while since he said that he left to Elysia some years ago.

Only her third son Janur has somehow escaped: Although she spent the utmost care to his upbringing, he decided to join a travelling bard. As if this is not enough, he is seen hanging around in disrespectable inns, allying himself with elves, half-orks and mercenaries of all kind.

Now some things she has heard about her son has tipped her over. She is determined to bring this black sheep back into the family, and end this shameful behaviour once and for ever.