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Gunsel grew up in the slums of Mikona never knowing his parents. He would live day by day, taking what he needed. Always on the lookout to avoid trouble with the gangs and city guards. Here he built a reputation as someone who would do just about anything for the right price. As he grew older however he took to adventure, leaving the slums and moving on to bigger things.

Traveling with other adventurers got him interested in arcane studies. He's a self taught mage of low to midling power, having studied both at the Mikona Tower University and in the ruins of the old mage school in Zelvan Dur. His studies, he feels, have progressed about as far as they can without guidance, so is occationally heard speaking of joining a mage order.

He was always somewhat of a loner. That is until he joined Friday Alibar and the crew at Privateer Enterprises. His current interests lie in advancing his knowledge of alchemy and herbalism.