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Race: Avilissian Elf

Imril is a tall muscular elf of brown complexion and long white hair. He was not always this way however. He spent a portion of his life growing up with a darker blue skin complexion. The exact reason behind this is still unknown to him even to this day. He grew up in a small remote settlement in northern T'Nanshi. After he was abandoned (unknown if this was voluntary or not) by his parents as an infant, an elderly elven woman discovered Imril and raised him as her own. His mother was a very kind and understanding person who was not concerned about the child's unusual appearance. This however, was not the case for some of the other elves in the settlement.

Imril was constantly harassed and teased because of his appearance. Despite his treatment, Imril remained positive and good-natured due to his mother's teachings. However, Imril could not resist learning how to defend himself. As a result, he learned how to fight with many types of weapons and learned many styles of combat from an elven warrior who was friends with his mother (although he kept this a secret from his mother since he knew she would not approve). His skill got to a point where the elven "bullies" could not hurt him anymore, so they decided to take out their anger on his mother who was murdered in the village market in broad daylight (many bystanders). Outraged, Imril hunted down and slew the two elves responsible for his mothers death. Although, he was still very upset that nobody came to his mother's aid when she was attacked and as a result, Imril decided to leave the settlement and seek a life somewhere else.

Imril is generally good-natured and polite to people he meets regardless of their race or appearances. He is sometimes short tempered and intolerant of illmannered or rude individuals he meets, as a result of past experiences. He is proud of who he is and sometimes let others know this if he feels insulted or otherwise treated unpleasantly.

All in all, Imril is a simple elf who loves adventures and is saddened by prejudicial persons. He still wonders who his true parents are as well.

Imril soon journeyed to Elysia and came to follow the ways of O'ma. He soon joined with the Order of O'ma and had many great adventures with his friends in the Order, especially his close companions Marie Briggs and Anton Tzu. Imril also spent much time and became very close with a female druid of Dre'Ana named Anni. Imril also learned of a portal to another plane called Ysgard where he ventured and spent a considerable length of time exploring these lands and meeting new friends.

Upon his return to Elysia, he found himself greatly concerned about the war between M'Chek and T'Nanshi. He was even more concerned when he saw how the Fey of Titania started renewed assaults on O'mas fey (Imril always hated Titanians fey and would usually end up fighting them whenever he met with them). Imril officially left the Order of O'ma when he found that the Order and the EDF would not strike against the fey of Titania and instead wanted to try a course of reason with them. He took it upon himself to journey to the forests and strike at Titania's fey where ever he could find them.

It was about this time that Imril underwent a strange phyical change. His skin coloration had changed one night from a dark blueish tint to a light brown color. He knows not how or why this occured but some of his friends told him that the gods must have had a hand in it. Now he is not sure if his original dark coloration was part of his true heritage or just a cruel trick by some mage or for simple amusement of some god.

During Imrils hunts in the wilds for the fey of Titania, he started to learn more of himself. He spent much time in solitude contemplating his actions and what he felt within his heart. After many years of conflicts with the fey and within himself, he believed that he fell from favor with O'ma for unknown reasons. His frustrations grew until he left O'mas ways all together and took up a path more aligned with his own feelings. His greatest passion at this time was protection of the weak or the mistreated.

He also renewed his focus on his martial skills during his time alone. This is when he decided to put down his flaming longsword and take up a new found flaming greatsword aquired from the great firegiant Tolgaroth. He spent much time learning the arts of wielding the greatsword as a natural extension of his body during martial tests.

Imril returned to Elysia shortly after the war ended with M'chek and T'Nanshi.