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Name: Jack, later Ghallis Malignant
Race: Human

Birthplace: The Nation of M'Chek

Growing up on a farm like most human children, Jack learned little but how to grow and harvest crops. Living what most would call a healthy and productive life, Jack was completely content to go on like this forever. But, as we all know, all good things must come to an end, and so did Jacks family and farm. On a fateful summer, Jack at age 11, a group of bandits raided his parents farm taking everything, and destroying what wasn't of value. All but Jack were ruthlessly slaughtered.

Later that same day, a group of Gorethar paladins, persuing the bandit's path of mayhem, found Jack crying in his home. He told them everything, and the party allowed Jack to accompany them, so he could see the bandits brought to justice. The bandits were all arrested, to be tried later. Jack soon came underneath the protection of Gorethar, and later joined them to be trained as a cleric of their faith.

Jack joined the order with the sole intent to punish evil in the name of justice, and, to the dismay of his teachers, devoted himself to the dark arts of necromancy to further this goal. After several years of service, Jack found out that the bandits, though tried and found guilty, were not sentenced to death, but instead, a life imprisonment. Angered at the ineffectiveness of the order, he broke into the prison and murdered every single one of them in their cells.

He was caught in the act, club in hand, and himself arrested. Because of his church affiliation, he was given a short prison sentence, but upon his release, he vowed to take a more active role in destroying evil.

In doing so, in every subsequent battle, he murdered instead of captured the criminals, and in once final incident, after being subdued and tied, a group of 10 bandits captured by Jack's party were killed by him in the dead of night. His cohorts saw this as a ruthless murder, and for the 10 counts of murder, he was tried again.

Jack was sentenced to death by the very people he felt he was defending, the farmers and commoners of M'Chek, and when this happened, Jack felt an anger and bitterness towards them that could never be quelled.

One day before his execution, a dark hooded man in black and purple robes opened Jack's cell with a wave of his hand, and said "From this point on, you are Ghallis Malignant. You will come with me, there is much work to be done."